Advertise Here Before Anyone Grabs This Place! 

At wakefield business, we’re offering the opportunity to partner with maiawaste and place an advertisement on one of our 200+ skips which can be placed around wakefield. Advertising Recycling Bins at its best!

Connecting with people without the use of online gadgets gives an amazing feel to your brand. Also, this offline advertising is such that there are certain points in which you may not reach your target audience through the internet due to endless reasons. At such times, offline advertising comes into the picture.

Even practically, it always feels good, watching your brand on four wheels on the road, here or there, while we give waste management & recycling solutions in UK. So, grab this opportunity in collaborating through advertising recycling bins & win the market like a boss!

In this modern world, we understand where the world of marketing is going – Only up & up. It goes without saying that there are endless benefits for your business.

Get Noticed & Reap All The Advertising Benefits

  • People all around the wakefield would see your brand name 
  • Our skips are very hard working & are constantly running on the roads
  • Whether it is the commercial waste collection or residential waste collection, rest assured in terms of marketing
  • Of course, you’ll get quality advertising & a chance to collab with us