Frequently Asked Questions

A If your skip is on your driveway then there are no additional charges. Wakefield Council charges for skips being placed on a highway therefore a fee is applied for a road permit. Maiawaste© will organise the permit.

Most definitely not! do not overload the skips. It is dangerous to do so for the drivers and the public and will incure further charges. Level loads only. Please order the correct size skip to avoid this.

You can keep your skip for up to 7 days and automatically collected unless organised in advance.

yes, we charge extra to dispose of certain types of rubbish, such as tyres, refrigerators and plasterboard. tyres – £15 each, fridges/freezers – £100 each and plasterboard – Ring for cost. We don’t accept dangerous and toxic waste such as asbestos, gas canisters/bottle and hazardous chemicals here at Maiawaste©