Food Waste Management: Save Food & Environment This Way!

Food Waste Management: Save Food & Environment This Way!

Whether you’re a foodie or not, you gotta read this blog out. Yes, for you, but before that, for the environment. Wanna know how? Yes, you heard that title right! Let’s really get up and be the change through proper food waste management. 

The thing is, no one likes wasting food, but sometimes we just waste it. There are endless reasons behind it. In our thoughts, food waste management still needs more popularity in terms of awareness just as plastic waste. Global food waste is turning so dark that we just need to get rid of it through some proper food waste management ideas, or some sort of active apps or people doing that. 

Even if you’re reading this blog while having some packet food, don’t forget to finish it all & dispose of the trash in the right bin. Let’s get started! 

Table of Content 

  1. Psychology Behind Overbuying of Food 
  2. “Let’s Talk Numbers” Food Waste Index
  3. Quick Bite Food Waste Facts
  4. What Can Be Done To Reduce Food Waste? 
  5. 9 Methods To Reduce Food Waste In Cafe/Restaurant 
  6. Last Thoughts About Food Waste Management


Psychology Behind Overbuying of Food

As per various sources, we’ve come to know that people tend to keep their refrigerators full. Now, as time evolved, if we compare, nowadays, even the size of a refrigerator is as big as a mini car. Bigger refrigerators, resulting in more food storage. The dark side of this story is that sometimes items remain uneaten. One more time, the need for food waste management arises! 

“Let’s Talk Numbers” Food Waste Index 

Average Food Waste (Kg/capita/year)

Income Group  Household  Food Services  Retail 
High-Income Countries  79 26 13
Upper Middle-income countries  76 Insufficient Data Insufficient Data
Lower Middle Income Countries  91 Insufficient Data Insufficient Data
Low-Income Countries  Insufficient Data Insufficient Data Insufficient Data


Quick Bite Food Waste Facts

  • Around one-third of globally produced waste gets wasted
  • Approx 20% of food waste goes to landfills in the UK
  • UK is facing food poverty & the number of people comes 8.4 million in this list. But here comes the fact, UK throws away approx 9.5 million tonnes of food waste every year
  • Rotten food generates some serious damage to the environment, and major credit goes to methane gas. 

What Can Be Done To Reduce Food Waste?

Food Waste Management at Home:

  • Plan out what you’re gonna eat one week in advance. So that next time you go to the grocery store, you don’t come back home with unnecessary items. With this even your money will get saved
  • Cook in bulk & freeze the leftovers or give it to the ones who are in need. Even if by mistake, if you’ve cooked extra quantity, this method may help you
  • Be aware of the expiry dates of all products you have in your refrigerator & clean up the things on a regular basis

Food waste management in Schools: 

Children these days, oh wait. Every next child since the creation of mankind has been throwing away things. Whatever comes to them, they just throw ’em all. The same scenario takes place in the schools. Put some effort by reading some below food waste management points:

  • What you can do is, let students decide what they wanna eat in advance & then cook the dishes accordingly. Happy students, happy you! 
  • Sometimes, big schools may neglect things. Say for example: having various food products in the kitchen, with few chiefs. Hence, it is their duty to check the expiry date of the products. 
  • You don’t need to feed the students with an excessive amount of products. 
  • Educate the students regarding the impact of food waste. Conduct a few lectures or some sort of seminars. Cmon, it’s a school after all.  

Food waste management at the workplace: 

In-office, there is a certain type of employee that keeps some snacks near their desks. Some have the habit of keeping on eating while working. These are all general examples. And with all these work habits, food waste comes into the picture. Let’s jump in how to avoid the same: 

  • Provide your employees with a freezer so that they can put the leftovers there. 
  • Have proper waste management solution policies.
  • Keep the waste bins properly. 
  • You need to make sure that the products are not expired & your refrigerators are cleaned.
  • If you’re offering lunch or breakfast to the employees, inform them in advance so that they don’t come up with their tiffins.

9 Methods To Reduce Food Waste In Cafe/Restaurant

  • Set The Base Responsibilities:

Pick the right person, & allow him to look after the food waste management stuff. Let him/her be accountable for this. 

  • Audit 

Measure the quantity of waste through proper food waste auditing. This will help you to realise where your money, food, & other materials are going. 

  • Keep staff members on the same page

Once the food waste management is going on with this kind of speed, just make sure that each and every employee is being informed. Make sure all are on the same page. 

  • The matter of food storage 

Checking the food temperature is very, very crucial. Make sure that the food products are stored in a fine manner & in the right temperature. This is just a basic thing, but we just need to make sure that this thing is also checked correctly.

  • Say NO to Overstorage 

As early too, over the purchase of food items is one of the major reasons behind the overall food waste. Yeah, we know that during weekends, the crowd remains high. But again, plan in advance. 

  • Stock Rotation 

Oh, well, you guys definitely know this. But just a quick reminder, always try using old ingredients first. Yeah, & use those items first whose expiry dates are near. 

  • Change of Plates or Dish? 

If customers are leaving your place with some food left on the plate, then you need to decide WHY this thing happened? Either you need to change the portion or add taste as per customers. 

  • Eliminate Unnecessary Dishes From Menu 

If you have a long list of dishes on the menu, then it is, of course, a good thing for you. But wait. Are people really eating all? If the answer is yes, then congrats. If not, then time to change it as you don’t need to keep the stock of a few dishes that are not being eaten on a regular basis. 

  • Your Gesture & A Doggy Bag 🙂

Suppose the customers don’t complete eating the food. What you can do is, pack it for them in a doggy bag so that they can give it to those who are in need, or they can eat it later. So folks, it just requires one doggy pack and some food boxes to spread smiles & save the environment! 

Last Thoughts About Food Waste Management

Hey pals, we hope you enjoyed reading about food waste management & some of its insights. See, your efforts do matter much to the environment. No matter what, even if little, just do it. 

Once the food waste is in the right hands, then it is all of us who’ll take care of it. Surprised? You should not be. We at maiawaste, take care of the waste with proper waste management services. Serving quicker waste management solutions & bringing smiles on your faces is all that we do.

Thanks for being with us till now. We hope we will get connected soon when you’ll require waste management services in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, & Leeds.

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Paul Noble

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