Horrifying Facts About Waste That Are Too Hard To Believe

Horrifying Facts About Waste That Are Too Hard To Believe

Imagine a scenario in which you go somewhere & pay the fisherman who use nets to collect plastic instead of fish. Well, that’s the bitter truth we are witnessing in the current scenario. There are many people too, saying that they find wishes offshore, & plastics found in their stomach. Get ready to read about some terrific facts about waste! 

Not just plastic, there are endless things going on this planet that needs attention three times more. So, we expect you to pay attention to the whole blog & take action afterwards accordingly. Disclaimer: While reading this blog of some facts about our waste, your anger might get provoked.

10 Shocking Facts About Waste 

1. By 2050, Plastic in the ocean than fish in terms of Weight?

Not just the roads, the terror of trash is in the oceans too. Welcome to some scary facts about waste! The volume of trash is polluted in the oceans too. It clearly means that not every time the waste ends up in landfills only. Our watersides are often used as the dumping points, killing the environment & human life ethics at the same time. 

2. From producing 2.68 pounds trash to 4+ Pounds

In 1960, we used to make approx 2.68 pounds only, but now the numbers have turned massively high. Overall, instead of going down, the table is going upwards. Or we can say that we are just generating more, more and more waste. 

3. Only 6.5% of the Food we Waste ends up getting composed? 

As per EPA estimates, in the U.S., only some of the food we waste actually gets composed, either through backyard compost bins or industrial composting facilities. That clearly means that we, the people, are garbaging the food in a complete sense of 93.5%. 

4. Sorry to say, but Organic Waste Won’t De___pose

As we tell you the fourth point in facts about waste, we are extremely sorry to say that what you think is not always universally right. In reality, organic food or material doesn’t have enough capacity for oxygen. Hence, it is hard to see them decompose. And yes, when it tries to degrade without the help of oxygen, it generates some harmful toxic gas methane that can trouble the landfill & its workers. 

5. Only 9% of the Plastic has been Recycled since 1950?

Speaking of some depressing facts about waste, Oh, we don’t like to disappoint you through stats again & again. But yes, that’s how the facts roll. These are really hard-hitting, though. After going through various articles, we can have a whole imaginary poll saying that we are not up to the mark in recycling plastics. So, though it is still good to have hopes & yes, our actions are the need of the hour to save the environment through proper Plastic waste management! Don’t you agree, pals?

6. “Recyclable” Symbol – Just Tells The Type of Plastic

If you believe that the symbol on the bottom of most of the plastics means that it is a ‘Recyclable’ symbol, then it is not true. Mostly, in plastic products, you can see such symbols with a specific number inside. Clearing the myths, the number inside simply tells you what type of plastic it is. 

Symbol Commonly Found in Commonly Recycled into
PETE - maiawaste Vegetable oil containers, beer bottles, soft drinks, water & beer bottles  Fiber, polar fleece, furniture, carpet, paneling, total bags & food containers
HDPE - maiawaste Juice bottles, household cleaner bottles like; bleach, shopping bags, yogurt tubs & motor oil bottles Oil bottles, laundry detergent bottles, picnic tables, recycling containers, doghouses & pens 
v - maiawaste Cooking oil bottles, wire jacketing, piping, siding, shampoo bottles & windows  Speed bumps, decks, panelling, cables, roadway gutters, flooring & mud-flaps 
LDPE - maiawaste Furniture, bread, squeezable bottles, frozen food packets, tote, shopping bags & dry cleaning  Floor tile, shipping envelopes, trash can liners & cans, landscaping ties & compost bins 
PP - maiawaste Straws, medicine bottles, syrup, caps & some yogurt containers   Auto battery cases, trays, signal lights, brooms, landscape borders, brushes, rakes, pallets & trays 
PS - maiawaste Egg cartons, aspirin bottles, compact disc cases, cups, disposable plates, meat trays & carry-out containers  Light switch plates, vents, carry-out containers, egg cartons, and foam packing 
Other - maiawaste DVDs, bullet-proof materials, certain food containers, nylon, signs and displays  Custom-made products and plastic lumber 


7. Microplastics in your Table salt?

After going through some Shocking facts about waste, That’s not really surprising because people are letting the waste go to the oceans. Then why not this? As per some sources, we have come to know that approx 90% of microplastics are found in our table salt. Don’t feel surprised if we find a house of plastic in our body in the coming times. 

8. The Covid Made it Even Worse

Because of Covid, not just the world population has decreased, but the recycling rate too, especially in countries like; Asia, Europe, & the US. Due to the pandemic, a few more waste materials have been included widely, i.e., PPE, Masks & etc. According to a study from PNAS ( Proceedings of the National Academy of Science), during the Covid 19 pandemic, 8 million tons of plastic waste was generated all around the globe & approx 25,000 tons of the same trash already went to the ocean. Plastic waste recycling industry, gear up, you got some real heavy responsibility. 

9. What have you done, Textile Waste? 

Probably every year, approx 12.8 tons of textiles are being thrown by the Americans. & here’s another fact, around 39,000 metric tons are being thrown as waste in the desert. Now, we just need to think ten times before doing anything bad with our environment. We, the humans, must stand up against all harm to the environment. 

10. A Win or Lose For Mother Earth? 

Now, we have come to the last point of Facts about waste. So, once upon a time, UK people used approx 500 million plastic bags every week. Sad to say but each bag may take hundreds of years to get decomposed in the landfills. However, since the introduction of the 5p bags in the year 2015, the usage has fallen by an astonishing number of 85%. So, can you say it is a win-win situation for Mother Earth?

In Conclusion of Facts About Waste

The list of environmental issues is very, very, very long. There are dozens or tons of books written about waste management & so on. But what do you need to do? When will you turn horrifying facts about waste into positive or good facts about waste? What’s your role in changing things? Well, you can start making small small efforts only. Say, for example; start using a recyclable bag, or use bamboo toothbrushes. If someone is throwing trash irresponsibly, stop them. 

Hey pals residing in the UK, in case of any waste management service, feel free to reach us or scroll our local waste management website. We can definitely say that we are the best Waste management companies, who always believe in serving quality waste management service on the table.                       

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Paul Noble

Maiawaste© is a award winning family run skip hire and waste management company. Based in Wakefield West Yorkshire our CO₂ from our vehicles are now been-offset, By planting new ? Making The Maiawaste Group. A carbon neutral company

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