Maiawaste – A Waste Management Company

Maiawaste – A Waste Management Company

Driven By people who are enthusiastic & passionate about the cause of recycling & to serve excellent services.

Keeping the Banner of Values High!

Hola peeps, high time to come forward & contribute yourself towards a global mission with us. Our values & approach towards the environment & society as a whole keep the banner Maiawaste always high.

We’ve got a dedicated team who are not just experts in waste management solutions and recycling, but they are always up to serve themselves 3x better with happy smiles on their faces 🙂


  • CustomerSatisfaction
  • Transparency
  • EasyBooking
  • SocialCommitment
  • Integrity
  • HigherServiceLevel

You Name A Better Service Provider Than Us & Will Wait!

Just as our high standards, we never compromise on the quality of our services, using good quality containers & experienced drivers. Charges wise, you can probably say that we take the lowest Business waste Collection prices in Leeds and the UK respectively.

So, we did not waste a single moment in realising that why to waste our experience by not posting anything about Waste Management? #WordPlay! Hence, ladies & gentlemen, time to officially announce… Maiawaste Blogs. Woohoo!

Be ready to get regular posts about the Waste Management sector & all those treasure-like experiences from the people in this industry & a variety of content to inspire you all. Hence, stay tuned & keep an eye on our website to know all ins and out!

Maiawaste – A Systematic & Quality-oriented waste management company, giving the best quality waste management services near you!

Written By
Paul Noble

Paul Noble

Maiawaste© is a award winning family run skip hire and waste management company. Based in Wakefield West Yorkshire our CO₂ from our vehicles are now been-offset, By planting new ? Making The Maiawaste Group. A carbon neutral company

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