Jumbo Skip Hire

Our 16yd Jumbo Skip hire is primarily for large construction jobs looking for a big capacity for all types of materials. Hence, a construction waste & recycling pickup! 

However, they are also suitable for domestic clients for house renovations etc. We don’t recommend that they are suitable to contain soil and stone.

A 16 Yard jumbo skip hire would fit well for most of the items depending solely on your requirements. It is also significant that you understand what forms of waste you can not dispose of in a skip as you cannot throw all the waste. Asbestos, hazardous trash, tyres, chemicals, electrical equipment, paint and solvents are such items that are prohibited. 

Speaking of size, a 16 Yard skip can take 170 black bin bags of trash approx. This clearly means that our Jumbo Skip hire would suit best for those whose waste is huge in quantity, like; construction work. 

We at Maiawaste, are focused on delivering the top waste services among all in the market, aiming to serve across Wakefield, West Yorkshire, & Leeds at affordable prices. We aim & promise you that we will try our best to deliver a quality waste management service with our 16 Yard Jumbo Skip Hire. 

See, the thing is, the USP of this, our Jumbo skip hire, is it can carry some serious large weighted materials. As said, it fits perfectly for some stuff of construction. Not just this, the quality of our bin is as strong as anything so that we can serve you the best waste management solutions. 

They can be supplied open or with drop door services too. 

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