Easy Yet Impactful Ways For Plastic Free Travelling

Easy Yet Impactful Ways For Plastic Free Travelling

Dear reader, you might have read a lot about how the plastic problem can be so dangerous to the environment, the terror of plastic, and whatnot. In this blog, you would read about something super different ‘Plastic Free Travelling Tips’. Hey, nothing to get shocked or surprised about. We know you think about the environment a lot & congrats already for educating yourself this way. You surely make a difference on the earth. 

Seems like having the approach of plastic free travelling is the need of the hour. No one on the earth wants to go to a beach in which there are turtles who are stuck in plastic, struggling to swim or walk. Plastic waste is having a greater impact on the oceans than ever before. 

According to scientists, the ocean contains 5.25 trillion bits of plastic trash. Every minute, trucks full of plastic enter the oceans, and a million seabirds and other species die as an outcome of plastic pollution in their ecosystem. But it’s not just animals who suffer; it’s estimated that seafood consumers consume 11,000 pieces of plastic every year.

So, are these numbers enough for you as a motivation towards plastic free travelling? Or shall we shoot some more? We can imagine your face denying it. So without any further ado, let’s get started with a Plastic Free Travelling guide. 

1. Carry a Refillable Water Bottle 

Reducing plastic consumption while travelling is in itself a significant victory. Carrying your own water bottle is an excellent strategy to decrease (or eliminate) day-to-day purchases of plastic water bottles. You not only increase your sustainable travel points, but you also save a lot of money over the course of a long-term backpacking excursion. 

If you are an athlete, you must have known how important it is to carry a refillable water bottle. Of course, you may not see the facilities of tap water everywhere, but there are always some ways when you do good for the environment. Hence, refillable water bottles suit best not just for travelling but also for daily use. 

2. Carry a Reusable Shopping Bag

Now that we are talking about plastic free travelling, you must have a reusable shopping bag in any case. This will help you to ease your shopping experience, and it will be helpful to carry necessary things. 

The market is brimming with reusable shopping bags that fold into themselves – ideal for always having on hand for unexpected shopping and supermarket visits! If you don’t speak the language, having a bag ready to go is a clear indication that you don’t need a plastic bag. Remember that buying a reusable shopping bag isn’t the end of a series of problems. Not at all! You really need to put that bag to use if you want it to be a long-term investment. 

3. The Water Concern 

Are you going somewhere where the water originates from a beautiful glacier, or somewhere where merely glancing at a tomato rinsed in local water can make you sick for days? If the former, simply carry a reusable bottle with you and fill it up every day before you go out. If the latter is the case, you may want to consider purchasing a Life Straw, Stipend, or a water bottle with a filter. 

4. Carrying Cutlery on a Plastic Free Travelling

Got travel chopsticks? Or some plastic free cutlery? Oh, you’re more than good then! There is no need for anybody to use plastic cutlery. We have all gotten accustomed to the culture of single use plastic as a convenience. At the same time, we also know the disadvantages of single use plastics. Heights of irony! 

Plastic forks may be really useful at times. However, if you plan ahead of time and modify your routines, bringing a pair of chopsticks has just become normal. 

5. Use of Bars not Just For Rap But for Plastic Free Travelling Too 

Small actions may lead to a greater tomorrow, even if it’s about soap bars! Buying them in bar form is an alternative to liquid soaps and plastic containers, shampoos, and conditioners. These items also work great. You are not compromising quality in order to protect the environment. And hey, shampoo bars won’t leak in your bag too unlike the shampoo bottles. 

6. Travel-Sized Products 

Go big or go home… Whilst we get that airport security regulations significantly limit what sort of toiletries one can bring on a plane, you should still seriously reconsider buying travel size products. A tiny “travel size” tube of toothpaste doesn’t even last a week. That means that after only a handful of tooth brushings, you chuck the tube in the rubbish. 

7. Get Yourself  a Bamboo Toothbrush 

Cutting down on your plastic footprint whilst travelling is the cumulative effort of a series of small life changes. We have probably been using plastic toothbrushes since the moment our first teeth are rooted inside our mouths. After a month or two (or ten??!) the spent toothbrush winds up in the rubbish and—as history has shown us—most likely into the ocean.

Picking up a bamboo toothbrush is a viable option. Opting for a toothbrush with changeable heads is another great way to reduce buying the whole plastic brush each time you use out the old one.

8. Avoid Face Wash Which has Micro Plastic Beads

We are not telling you to stop using face wash only. Nothing like that! However, when you’re on a journey to make this world a better place to be then you gotta act like that no matter what. The plastic microbeads that are seen in some of the face-washes are toxic that end up landing in our water supply, bodies of animals and humans, and oceans. 

In many countries, such kinds of things are banned for their usage in cosmetic products. Hence, if you’re using such kinds of face washes or cosmetics. Also, there are many natural alternatives that you can go with like; apricot stones, clay or coffee grounds. Why not make your own? 

9. Ladies, Try using a Menstrual Cup 

Hay ladies out there, this one is for you & the environment. When you get a period while travelling can absolutely be a terrible thing. It would be great indeed if one contributes to the environment even if she may not be feeling that good. 

Menstrual cups are easy to clean, so they’re essentially the only item you need to bring with you to take care of your periods when travelling. Problem solved!  If you’re still not ready to buy, conduct your own study to see whether cups are a viable alternative for you or not.

10. Men, How About Stainless Steel Safety Razor? 

Disposable plastic razors are a common part of some men’s everyday lives, yet they’re extremely wasteful because they can’t be recycled. Oops! When travelling, you can replace plastic razors with stainless steel safety razors to prevent plastic pollution. 

Aside from being more ecologically friendly, stainless steel safety razors are also more cost-effective because a single blade may last for years depending on the brand. They’re also preferable for folks who have sensitive skin because they’re less prone to irritate it.

When carrying your safety razor, you must be mindful of luggage constraints. Most airlines will only allow you to bring them in your checked luggage because they are not permitted in the plane cabin. 

Last Thoughts on Plastic Free Travelling

As the pollution increases every day, you gotta adapt to an eco friendly lifestyle in whatever things you do. Travelling is just one such process in which you must have a plastic free travelling approach. We tried our best to give you some plastic free travelling ideas through 10 plastic free travelling points. We hope you understood these Eco friendly tips! 

As an environmentally responsible traveller, you carry a great responsibility in your travelling bag. Even if you see any huge waste thrown in the wrong place, you can call a responsible waste management company for waste management solutions. 


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Paul Noble

Paul Noble

Maiawaste© is a award winning family run skip hire and waste management company. Based in Wakefield West Yorkshire our CO₂ from our vehicles are now been-offset, By planting new ? Making The Maiawaste Group. A carbon neutral company

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