Tap water vs Bottled water

Tap water vs Bottled water

What thing do you consume the most in your everyday life? Content? Web series? We are not playing a metaphor game here, asking you in real. Yes, you guessed it right. Tap water vs Bottled water, we know that people may think which tastes better, or which is good for health. Well, yes, you can assume it, but why not read some details through the tap water vs bottled water concept? 

There are many people who claim some horrifying truths about the water. They are so scary that after going through all that, people may die of dehydration. Jokes aside, so let us quickly jump to some of the tap water vs bottled water pros and cons. 

Table of Content 

  1. All About Tap Water 
  2. All About Bottled Drinking Water 
  3. #BonusPoint: Distilled Water
  4. 3 Myths: Tap Water vs Bottled Water
  5. Last Thoughts on Tap Water vs Bottled Water 

All About Tap Water 

Tap water, also widely known as municipal water, is a very tough competition for bottled water. It comes from lakes, rivers & large walls. Of course, it passes through a proper water treatment before being available in homes, businesses or any public or private place. 

Is Tap Water Safe To Drink? 

Keeping facts on the cards then, as per the Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention, the drinking water in the United States is the safest globally. Also, the Environmental Protection Agency is accountable for setting limits and identifying limits on the volume of contaminants that can be there in tap & groundwater, including microorganisms and chemicals. 

If we debate about tap water vs bottled water, home waters filters may increase the amount of tap water. Keep in mind you can’t trust tap water blindly. Next time, if you fit a home tap water, kindly get it checked correctly through different sources. Also, the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency) looks at public water sources. 

Taste Wise, Not as Good As Bottled Water? 

In this episode of tap water vs bottled water, We wanna say that the number of people saying “Bottled water tastes better than the Tap water” is probably more. That’s a real ‘tap water vs bottled water’ blog for you! But at the end of the day, it is water, not lemonade juice mixed with preservatives whose taste can change from company to company. And with tap water, there can be some taste differences due to its water pipes or mineral content. Nothing extra. 

“Thank God, I am not much involved” – Environment

You already know how plastic waste has done & is doing damages to the environment. The plastic bottle environmental impact is so high that it really needs to stop right now, at this very moment. And plastic waste management is the need of the hour. However, that’s a whole different chapter. But it does not mean that tap water is the best fit for the environment. Nah! 

There is this inner process for maintaining the quality of water. Of course, germs get killed & it promises purity. But the process & overall quality still does not remain the best, all thanks to the chemicals. Wanna know how? You drink water from the glass, right? Then you wash the cup or glass by hand through some liquid or soap. That’s being said! However, if we speak of the environmentally friendly option, tap water is comparatively better than bottled ones. 

Not Costs Much 

Perhaps, tap water is convenient and not pocket friendly, unlike bottled water. You might have seen them at public drinking fountains, bars, or restaurants. In most cases, they are free! So, in general, tap water is less costly, environment friendly, & safe. 

All About Bottled Drinking Water 

In terms of tap water vs bottled water, Bottled water can be from a variety of sources. You cannot just predict its accuracy based on 2-3 things. You can just say things in general. Of course, there are some basic things that we can look into in terms of its elements, but as said, there are hundreds of companies running their bottled water business in their own way. It would be next to impossible to truly determine their properties & show them to you. 

But nothing to worry about. There are some safety protocols that get approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that majorly includes; well water, artesian well water, spring water & mineral water. 


Bottled water is being checked & approved by FDA, keeping various safety & quality checks in the accounts. Though, generally,  they are called safe. Oh, the environment just came into our minds. We take our words back. 

A 2018 study evaluated 11 widely marketed bottled water products from 9 countries, determining that microplastics were present in 93 per cent of the 259 bottles analysed. Part of the contamination was caused by packaging and the bottling process itself. 


Different companies include or do not include some minerals depending on their process of making the bottles available in the market. Some even flavoured or carbonated water due to their different or what say a unique kind of taste. Lastly, bottled water wins the race of taste in general. 

Enemy of the Environment? 

It needs large amounts of energy for bottled water. And not just this, as per the sources, only 20% of plastic bottles get recycled in the United States, the rest of them end up their destiny in the landfills. And yes, it releases toxins, creating a problematic situation for the environment. In many places, single-use plastic water bottles are banned due to their endless harmful effects. 

The terror of plastic is not stopping at all. And just a kind reminder, bottled water has its own league of contributions in it. Those are some quick facts about plastic pollution! You can find a huge amount of its waste near the oceans ( especially plastic in the ocean), in the oceans, & some other areas, making it worse for the environment. 


Speaking of tap water vs bottled water, though we agree that bottled water can be expensive sometimes. But you can’t take the tap water everywhere with you. Especially while travelling, concerts & at some places bottled water fits the best. 

You gotta accept that this is one of the bestselling drinks. Let’s talk about the UK numbers. In the UK, 2.4 bn litres of bottled water were being purchased. 

Solution Here 

It is quite clear that plastic bottles that are causing harm to the environment can be stopped by the people. No one wants an environment filled with harmful air. Water companies must make their structure in such a way that even if it is bottled water, that must not cause damage to the environment. After all, protecting nature must be their job, too, not just those who are designated and earning from it (Private companies who get it done). 

#BonusPoint: Distilled Water

You might get surprised at what distilled water is doing in tap water vs bottled water comparison? Shoutout to all the grandparents who still drink distilled water. Your efforts are not wasted! Distilled water is still popular & even trending for a long time & may always be trending in some positive ways. 

The process itself removes impurities & minerals from the water. However, the body needs some essential minerals. Does it remove them as well? So, even though everything looks good when we speak of Distilled water, the DOUBTS are something that we humans may never get rid of. 

Tap water fans, this is for you> Distilled water doesn’t give you some minerals like; magnesium & calcium. 

Distilled water has the tendency to pull whatever it touches in order to maintain a balance. The same goes for your body as well. When it goes to it, it removes some from your body, too, including from your teeth. 

It’s never a bad idea to take distilled water. But as it does not serve the necessary minerals. Hence, make sure you get the required minerals from your diet. Consume more fruits & vegetables. 

The thing is, this water may not improve your health massively, but it also won’t do the damage too. Simple! If you don’t mind the taste of distilled water, include it in your daily diet. Also, there are multiple usages for distilled water like; car cooling systems, laboratory experiments, aquariums, steam irons, watering plants & so on. 

3 Myths: Tap Water vs Bottled Water

1. Tap Water is not as Safe as Bottled Water 

This is absolutely a myth in this tap water vs bottled water topic. Even bottled water can be less safe than tap water depending on which company it is. The UK is one of the top leaders in the world to have quality tap water, & it is also one of the safest based on the standards set by the EU drinking water directive. So, if this myth is for the UK especially, it is completely baseless. 

Suppose we talk in numbers, as per the latest reports of UK Gov, around 99% of the population gets a public supply from a water company respectively. Now, 1% of the remaining population go with a private supply from various companies that is majorly taken from the well. 

Is it really true when the companies show & claim that the water is coming straight from the rocks & mountains? Sometimes, it is not. Yes, you heard that right. Marketing gimmicks have really influenced many people. But in reality, sometimes half of the bottled water can be full of municipal water only, not of the mountains as they claim. 

2. Bottled Water is More Healthier Than Tap Water

False number two in tap water vs bottled water myths! The level of minerals is already too low. You can’t just compare it with the tap water. Also, you can effortlessly cover your RDA with your daily diet. Even chlorine can be seen less in general, making it less bacterial & healthier in comparison to bottled water. 

3. Is Bottled Water Harmful to Small Children?

Well, this can be true sometimes in this episode of tap water vs bottled water. Yea, this myth is kind of true. Due to high levels of sodium and sulphate, the little tummies might find it difficult to digest. Another deal is, if you’re travelling, don’t try tap water for your children. What you can do is, carry the water from your home tap water in a bottle. This will be safer & healthier. In such scenarios, even boiled water is perfect. 

Last Thoughts on Tap Water vs Bottled Water 

Before we write our final views on tap water vs bottled water, we hope you are somewhat clear with your thoughts. We provide waste management & recycling solutions in Leeds, Wakefield, & West Yorkshire. And yes, it goes without saying that Maiawaste is known for giving top waste management services. 

It would be wrong if you choose bottled water vs tap water as Bottled water is damaging to the environment in so many ways. However, don’t just go with our call as it all depends on your situation. 

We hope you found this blog of ‘Tap water vs Bottled water’ helpful. We’ve given you the base. Now the call is yours!

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