Which Wheelie Bin Size Fits Perfect For Your Business Waste?

Which Wheelie Bin Size Fits Perfect For Your Business Waste?

No matter how small or big your business may stand, it’s good that you’ve chosen to read a very crucial element of it…’ wheelie bin size’. You may already know that overfilled bins can lead to additional charges and some fines from the council that not a single businessman on earth would wish for. Want the best advice on Wheelie bin sizes? Well, that’s why you’re here. So without any further ado, let’s get started. 

Table of Content

  1. How much waste your business is producing? 
  2. The type of waste your business generated 
  3. How Often does the trash gets collected 
  4. The matter of SPACE
  5. Waste Containers Guide As Per Your Industry 
  6. Maiawaste Bins Suitable As Per Your Need 

How Much Waste Your Business is Producing? 

See, being a business owner, you know where the ship of your business is going & how well it is being made. The same goes for your business waste. Hence, checking about your business waste audit is always the right option. This will also help you to come up with the right wheelie bin size for your business. 

The Type of Waste Your Business Generated

Just like the amount of waste, you must look at the type of your waste business/organisation generates. Hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses generate significantly more glass recycling than retail businesses, necessitating the use of a larger single-stream container to manage that waste, whereas offices may only require one small recycling bin for a mixture of recyclable materials, in addition to a small general waste bin. That’s how the story of wheelie bins sizes rolls for them! 

How Often Does the Trash Gets Collected 

Of course, the small waste container is more budget-friendly but sometimes budget is not just the thing. If the bin gets full quickly, then there is no use in having a small waste container. But again, it depends on your use.

If there is a dry waste & more in quantity on a daily basis then you must go with big bins. However, to avoid unpleasant smells of food waste, & other stuff, smaller ones do work well #ChooseWisely. 

The Matter of SPACE 

The last stage, or what we say the last thing you need to think of, is the space where your commercial waste bin will be stored. Is there any large space in which you can place the large bin or a suitable road in which you can keep the bin with all permissions? & there are also some other things you must keep in mind while selecting the right place for your business waste bin. 


  • The area should be fairly close to your business site so that you can transfer your indoor waste to your outdoor bins easily. 
  • Once your commercial bin is in your storage area, make sure that it is not in any sort of dangerous position.
  • Ensure that the waste collector can easily access & do their work. Hence, select the right size of bins!  

Waste Containers Guide As Per Your Industry 

Speaking of wheelie bin size, two and four-wheeled bins are popular alternatives in a variety of industries, from manufacturing to hospitality. The following is a basic guide to popular Bag/Wheelie Bin Size in various industries: 



240 Litre Bags: Bag collections are an alternative to bins and play an important function in regions where bins are not permitted on pavements. A 240-litre wheelie bin is the same wheelie bin size as a standard domestic wheelie bin and is excellent for offices that produce minimal garbage or only a small amount of paper waste.


1100 litre / Front end loaders: Manufacturers often use a mix of 1100-litre wheelie bins to divide waste streams or one front end loader to recycle material and reduce waste expenses. Mostly, commercial waste bin sizes are suitable for them. 


1100 Litre: This large bin is known for its large capacity, widely used in the hospitality industry. The giant wheelie bin size makes it perfect for large volume storage that may also include glass or food recycling. 

Maiawaste Bins Suitable As Per Your Need 

Our 4 yard Midi skips are robust for their size and are excellent for mini commercial use or larger domestic clearances. They are primarily utilised for low volume garbage disposal and are perfect for tiny places and driveways due to their small size. 

Our 8yd builders’ skips are great for usage in the construction sector, but they may also be used for house and garden clearances, hazardous waste, or anywhere else that bulky objects need to be disposed of.

Our 16yd Jumbo Skips are primarily for large construction jobs looking for a giant capacity to store. However, they are also suitable for domestic clients for house renovations etc. We don’t suggest this if you wanna try it with soil & stone. 

Make No Mistake in Picking A Waste Management Services 

As per your business, you are required to have a waste management service. There is no doubt about it. But, you ought to select & get the best waste management service near you.

Also, it is 2022 now; you would also need to go with a waste service provider who is following all the Covid protocols with safety. Going with the best Skip hire or waste management services who are up for your queries & support 24/7 will be the best option for you & your business. 

Hope you found this article on ‘Wheelie Bin Size’ helpful. To connect with us, call 011924 888444. 

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