Midi Skip Hire

Our 4 yard Midi skip hires are robust for their size and are ideal for small building projects or larger domestic clearances. They are typically used for low volume waste disposal and, due to their compact nature, are ideal for small spaces and driveways.

Speaking of its size, they are slightly bigger than the mini skips. This lets you throw the trash in the easiest way. And yes, being the top waste management company in Wakefield, do we even need to say why our product stands best in the market? 

A 4-yard skip measures 7ft (2.13m) long, 5ft (1.52m) wide, and 3ft (0.91m) high. These sizes are approximations because skip dimensions may vary. 

A 4 Yard is fine for bathroom or kitchen waste or even garden clearance, depending solely on your requirements. Speaking of size, a 4 Yard skip can take 45 black bin bags of trash. This clearly means that our Midi Skip hire would suit best for residential citizens & even the businesses whose waste is somewhat not that huge in quantity. 

We at Maiawaste, are committed to delivering the top quality services, aiming to serve across Wakefield, West Yorkshire, & Leeds at affordable prices. We promise you that we will try our best to deliver a quality waste management service with our 4 Yard Midi Skip Hire. 

So, they can be supplied open or with a drop door service, giving you a whole different experience of household waste removal solutions. 

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Midi Skip Hire